Saturday, November 5, 2016

Term 4 P.E

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, today I am sharing about P.E. So far we have been: Sprinting, Jumping and throwing. We have been practicing for Athletics that is coming up soon. In one group we have also practiced for the relay with the batten.

For jumping we played a game called 'This is the way Jenny jumps' or 'This the way Jimmy jumps'. That game is fun, what you have to do is do any type of a jump and the people around you in a circle copies. When you are done demonstrating you nominate another person and the do the same, you go and join the circle.

In the throwing activity we threw as far and hard as you could. When it landed you would move the cone of your team and if it wasn't further than other throw then you don't move the cone. For most of the session for this I was actually doing a job so I don't know what we did in the beginning.

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  1. Great post Ruby. You put lots of detail when explaining what we did for P.E. Well done!

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    1. That was Victoria who took those great shots! :)

  3. Wow thats a great post Ruby! You have done really well with this post. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. what an cool blog post it is I love the photos Ruby and the post I think you do awesome blog post about your learning you show a lot of pride in your blog post keep up the amazing work :) ;)

  5. Wow Ruby it is very cool and I really lliek the pic's too
    I like how you described it well doen

  6. Wow Ruby!I like how you told us what we've been doing for P.E!The cool thing is how you've said what subject's we've been doing in P.E and what we did to practice them.I like how you put in some photo's of the subject's we've been doing in P.E and wrote down underneath what the subject's were and they were really nice clear shot's.Keep it up!

  7. Wow that is such a great blog post ruby. You took some pretty cool photos there to. And really liked how you explained what we did for pe. You did a great job in your blog post.
    Kai Pai Ruby
    Keep up the great work