Thursday, November 3, 2016

Giraffe Art

Over the first weeks of the term we have been doing art. We had to choose a category of art ; the choices were: Painting, Sketching, and Digital Art. I choose to do painting. First we had to draw the giraffe and add the little touches to make everything the right shape.

Mrs Love next gave as little painting sessions to show us how to paint some parts and how to blend colours. Sometimes we had to wait for the paint to dry before we carry on, but sometimes we had to paint over wet paint so it can blend.

The most challenging thing was getting the right shape of everything, also painting in the little gaps. I think my favourite part was painting the patches that are the special feature of a giraffe.
Here is a photo of my finished art up on the wall.


  1. Awesome work ruby. You did an amazing job with your art. It looks great! You were really careful with your painting and your sketching. Keep up the cool painting. I think that you added lots and lots and lots of detail for the writing and the info about you hard. You have explained it well and you must have worked really hard on this blog post. Great work and awesome blog post!

  2. This is such a great painting Ruby, well done. This will look great on your wall when you bring it home :)

  3. Wow Ruby that's a great post. You put a lot of detail into the post and your art looks amazing. Keep up the awesome posts.

  4. Wow Ruby Thats good work what you put into your Giraffe well done Ruby Keep it up.