Saturday, November 5, 2016

Term 4 P.E

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, today I am sharing about P.E. So far we have been: Sprinting, Jumping and throwing. We have been practicing for Athletics that is coming up soon. In one group we have also practiced for the relay with the batten.

For jumping we played a game called 'This is the way Jenny jumps' or 'This the way Jimmy jumps'. That game is fun, what you have to do is do any type of a jump and the people around you in a circle copies. When you are done demonstrating you nominate another person and the do the same, you go and join the circle.

In the throwing activity we threw as far and hard as you could. When it landed you would move the cone of your team and if it wasn't further than other throw then you don't move the cone. For most of the session for this I was actually doing a job so I don't know what we did in the beginning.

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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Extension Maths

Ki Ora, welcome back to the blog. Today I am going to share about what we have been doing in extension maths. Miss Hill is the teacher and extension maths is tricky but sometimes fun. WALT: solve problems with what we know.
We had a sheet that had lots of questions on it. I worked most of these questions out with Victoria and Liske. Also Bella helped us when we were stuck. (Click on their names)
Here are some examples of the questions.

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Giraffe Art

Over the first weeks of the term we have been doing art. We had to choose a category of art ; the choices were: Painting, Sketching, and Digital Art. I choose to do painting. First we had to draw the giraffe and add the little touches to make everything the right shape.

Mrs Love next gave as little painting sessions to show us how to paint some parts and how to blend colours. Sometimes we had to wait for the paint to dry before we carry on, but sometimes we had to paint over wet paint so it can blend.

The most challenging thing was getting the right shape of everything, also painting in the little gaps. I think my favourite part was painting the patches that are the special feature of a giraffe.
Here is a photo of my finished art up on the wall.


Hey guys welcome back to the blog. Also welcome to term 4, it is my last term at primary. Anyway I today I am going to share my writing. I have chosen to do the comparing and contrast essay writing. There was three options: Essay, retell or narrative. My writing teacher was Mrs Love. So I chose to compare lions and tigers. Here is my writing:

Essay Success Criteria
  • Uses scientific vocabulary
  • Revised and edited
  • Accurate paragraphs with subheadings
  • Essay structure followed
  • No personal pronouns
  • Factual
  • Detailed ideas
  • Sentences- different lengths and beginnings

Comparing Lions and Tigers - Essay

Out in the wild it would appear that lions and tigers are similar, in fact they are quite different. While they do share some similarities, they each have unique qualities that make them different.


These animals are part of the Felidae family ; they can be found out in the wild. The pair of animals are both immense cats (big). Their subfamily is the Pantherinae family which is within the Felidae family. Both animals live in the wild, which makes them wild.

Species of the felidae family including lions and tigers are found all around the world apart from Australia and Antarctica. They are built for hunting ; their hunting cycle is: stalk, chase, pounce and kill with their sharp teeth. Lion’s and tiger’s both can roar but they can’t purr.

Both are apex predators also known as a alpha predator or a apical predator. That is a predator rising at the top of the food chain upon which no other creature prey. The two of them eat other animals which makes them a carnivore. A carnivore is someone or something that eats meat.


A lion’s main and distinctive feature is a mane. Only male lions have manes. Normally the lion’s mane is black and tan. The main colour of their body is tan. Prides are what the lions hunt and live in, it is like a group. Their scientific name is Panthera leo.

The male lions can grow up to 1.7-2.5m long. As the females only grow up to 1.4-1.8m long. Males average mass is about 190kg, and the females weigh around 130kg. Lions have been on earth for at least 800,000-1 million years.

This specie of the felidae family is part of the African origin. These cats once roamed three different continents ; Africa, Europe and Asia. However, they are only found in two different areas now, India and Southern Africa.

Tigers are very unique and special cats. The most distinctive feature on this creature is the black stripes all over the body. Although this specie of the felidae family are actually endangered, they have been on earth for 1.2 million years! Their brain is 25% larger than a lion's brain. The scientific name for this animal is the Panthera tigris.

These hunters still hunt but they are solitary hunters. That means they spend a majority of their lives without others of their specie, for raising their young independently. Being solitary hunters is a survival advantage because the tiger needs to find enough food for itself and cubs. When they hunt they hide in the bushes, then gradually sneaks forward. Tigers have to be silent or their prey will escape.

Male tigers average a length of between 2.5-4m long. Also their average weight is 90-210kg! For females it is a bit different. Females are around 2-2.8m long. The average weight for a female tiger is around 65-170kg. This is a quite a big difference.

Lion and Tigers are both part of the Felidae family, and can be found out in the wild in Asia/African region but they have many differences especially in their weight, and length.