Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Calendar Art

Kia Ora and welcome back to the blog. Today I am sharing my calendar art. I put a lot of effort into it. We had to pick out of three options. I picked Mrs Love's art (which was Mrs Hinde at time because Mrs Love is sick) and it was a animal print as the background and black silhouette on top of the prints. It was challenging picking the animal because I wanted to do something that not everyone else is doing. In the end I ended up picking a Dog.

Wow! Introducing the one and only art by Ruby. Just take a moment to look at this spectacular piece of art. If you want a closer look come down to Parkvale School on Thursday 15th of September. As you can see lots of effort went into this art and it is amazing. If you are a dog lover this is the right art for you. I am sure if you don't like dogs you will still love it. The paws are blended because the bottom of the paw is darkly coloured in and the top is lightly coloured in. There is no art like it! It is a really cheap deal and everyone will love this art. You can show it off  on your wall by buying a calendar or any of the other options. The prices are down below.

Calendars $10
Diary's $15
Cards $12
Notepads $12

Buy one of your child's art. All things on offer to buy is very useful. 

Hopefully you have thought about buying this art. 
Thanks for taking you time to check this post out,
Your blogger Ruby.

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  1. Fantastic artwork, Ruby. You are really persuading me with your words and the layout of your collage.

  2. Great art alright. I'm suer stoked that I have this on my wall for next year! Love it Ruby.