Monday, August 29, 2016


Hey guys welcome back to the blog. Today I am sharing my brochure from my writing last week. I am sharing this because I found it fun and challenging. I did it about Michael Phelps because he is the most successful Olympian ever! I had to do some research about him. Here is my brochure.

About him

Michael Fred Phelps  is an American competitive swimmer who competes in the Olympics.
He has 24 medals all up and 19 of them are gold.
Michael is only 31.
He was born June 30 1985. Michael was born in Towson, Maryland, USA and he is 1.93m tall.
He has 1 child named Boomer Robert Phelps.
Michael Phelps

Michael is a very famous olympian known for swimming.

Rubya commons thumb 5 5c Olympic_rings_without_rims.svg 220px Olympic_rings_without_rims.svg.png.png

Michael Phelps

(History: Famous Athlete)

Ruby van Maanen

Michael Phelps

He is already the most decorated Olympian of all time. Swimmer, Michael Phelps has come out of retirement at the age of 31 in a bid to add to his stunning medal record.

Little under 2 years after the 2012 Olympics he announced he was going back into training.

Phelps began at the Olympics when he was only 15! His first Olympics were in Sydney 2000. He came 5th in the mens race which was a big accomplish because again he was only 15!

Some Facts.

Michael Phelps is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.
He has gone to the 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 Olympic Games.
He has retired but he is still going to the Games for the probably the last time. He has done so well at the other 4 Olympics especially that he won 22 medals. So far at the Rio De Janeiro Olympics he has won 3 gold that adds the his collection so all up he has 25 medals. Michael Phelps has 21 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.
What events did he get medals from?


Athens 2004:
400m medley- GOLD
4x100m freestyle- BRONZE
200m freestyle- BRONZE
200m butterfly- GOLD
4x200 freestyle- GOLD
200 medley- GOLD
100m butterfly- GOLD
4x100m medley- GOLD
Beijing 2008:
400m medley- GOLD
4x100 freestyle- GOLD
200m freestyle- GOLD
200m butterfly- GOLD
4x200m freestyle- GOLD
200m medley- GOLD
100m butterfly- GOLD
4x100m medley- GOLD
London 2012:
4x100 freestyle- SILVER
200m butterfly- SILVER
4x200m freestyle- GOLD
200m medley- GOLD
100m butterfly- GOLD
4x100m medley- GOLD
Rio De Janeiro 2016:
4x100m freestyle- GOLD
200m butterfly- GOLD
4x200m freestyle relay- GOLD

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hey guys welcome back to the blog.
Today I am sharing about the Olympics and a project that I am doing. My main focus is History and I am in Mrs Carr's group. At the moment we have done some writing and we have taken some notes. I am going to be doing a slide about my subject. I am looking forward to doing it and it take a while to complete it but I am positive I will finish. I have also have done notes so I will share that . Also the hardest thing about my notes was making sure that the 3 sentences that I made out of my list of key words made sense. 
I am also sharing my plan for my slide.


I had to read about history on the BBC site and took notes of the key words. After that I changed my keywords into 3 sentences. Here is a photo of my notes.



Here is 2 photos of my plan. I am doing a slide about history and I will have pages for different things.

Plan: Page 1
Plan: Page 2

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Big Surprise

Kia ora and welcome back to the blog. Today I am sharing my learning blogpost it is a quick write. 2 days a week we do a thing called quick write just after morning tea. I would like to share this story because I have 4 friends in my story.
The big surprise
Once upon a time there lived two pretty princess's. Their names are Princess Victoria and Princess Liske. Also their friends Ruby and Maia are really rich. 

One day Ruby and Maia went to the princess's castle and had a very awesome present for them.They put all their money together to buy Victoria a beautiful Pony named Flash. They also got Liske a candy machine that pops out the candy Liske is feeling like when ever she wants it.

You would think that Maia and Ruby would have run out of money but no. Those presents was not that expensive to them. The buying doesn't stop there. Ruby bought herself a massive chocolate factory all for herself. Maia bought herself a famous gymnastics arena that she now owns. 

Surely they have run out of money now. But NO! Ruby did a surprise for Maia she hired to get the most famous gymnast in the world it was...

As Maia walked in she screamed to see Bella. Bella Persen is a 3 time world champion with 7 gold medals, 12 silver and 5 bronze.

Everyone loves their gift and they all lived happily ever after.


My Holiday

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed your holidays because I sure did. I am going to tell you all about my holiday. First of all welcome back to my blog for term 3!

Day 1 (Monday)
I spent the day with my big sister and little sister. Firstly we went to the supermarket to buy some lollies and a pie. Then we drove up Te Mata Peak and munched up there. When we were heading home we stopped off at a cafe and had a hot drink. As we got home my mum arrived home from work and my sister put on Zootopia for us to watch.

Day 2 (Tuesday)
On Tuesday my older sister took us over to my Aunty Stacey's house. We stayed at her house all morning and made toasties for lunch. We watched The Gruffalo, Fireman Sam and Happy Feet 2. My cousin Evie is three so that is why we watched those movies/programs. After my older sister left I started playing with my baby cousin Bonnie. Bonnie loves looking at herself in the mirror so most of the time I stood in front of the mirror holding her. Then when my mum came we went for a walk to Anderson Park and mum and I went to New World to get some stuff for tea. We had Chicken, Bacon and Avocado burgers at my Auntie Stacey's and Uncle Ando's house.

Day 3 (Wednesday)
On Wednesday me and my little sister Gemma went over to my Aunty Sarah's house. We did something called Whipple and my cousin Paige (who is four) went to her friends house for a playdate. After we had lunch me and my cousin Tom played on the playstaion. We also stayed the night at thier house.

Day 4 (Thursday)
We woke up and Tom and I watched the State of Origin game. It was too late to watch when it was live so we taped it. Also we spent a wee while at Onekawa Pools. After we came home from Onekawa Pools we played on the playstation again and then mum came to pick us up.

Day 5 (Friday)
On Friday not much happened. My highlight of this day was when dad came home.

Day 6 (Monday)
On the second Monday mum, Esther, Gemma and I got ready and put up all the decorations for my little sisters birthday party. We spent all morning shopping for the food for the party. It was really exciting for my little sister.

Day 7 (Tuesday)
The day finally came it was ...
Gemma had so many little kids at her party and she got heaps of presents. I was a helper and I did all the music. I got Gemma some new earrings and Dream chocolate. Mum and Dad got her a Tablet.

Day 8 (Wednesday)
So on Wednesday we went to Focal Point Cinema to watch The B.F.G. My favourite part was when everyone in the castle (including the Queen) had a drink of frobscottle(a fizzy drink that's bubbles go down) which makes them do a whizpopper(fart). We had lots of treats and it was very fun.

Day 9 (Thursday)
Mum, Esther, Gemma and I drove over to Napier for a day out. We scooted along Marine Parade and scooted to Mister D's. My favourite part of Mister D's was injecting the donuts and putting in the flavors. After that we scooted to my Nana's work.

Day 10 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
On Friday we drove down to Wellington and had a few stops on the way. On Friday night we stayed at the hotel instead of going to the Conference. Mum and Dad went to bed while I watched the Highlanders game.
The next day (Saturday) we went to Te Papa. Also on Saturday the elevator at the hotel broke down so we could only use one of the elevators. Then on Sunday when we were going down the elevator to go home people kept pushing the button and mum, dad, Gemma and I kept going up and down the elevator. The funny thing about that is the floor we hoped on the elevator from we were just a few steps from where we had to be.

I hoped you enjoyed this blogpost and your holidays. Please leave a comment.