Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Workshop Prove it (Scale)

This week I'm am sharing my scale workshop prove it. A workshop prove it is when you go to a workshop after that you fill out a prove it so the teacher knows you get it. I am proving my maths prove it. Here is the prove it underneath.
Workshop Prove It

I learnt how to use a scale.

Here is an example:

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Passion Project Plan

Welcome back to the blog.
Today I will be sharing my passion project plan. I am sharing this because I am proud of it. Also I'm sharing this is because I can't wait until doing the real project. I choose to sew a backpack. We will get 5 weeks to do this task. In my task I put a lot of effort into it and it paid off. The one reason why I think it paid off is because I got a certificate for it. Down below is my Passion project plan. If you like it please comment.

For your passion project, you are allowed to learn and share your learning about any topic you like.

What do you want to do? Be as specific as you can.
I really want to sew a bag.

Why is this a good topic for me?
Because I really want to try something new and something fun. I also think it will help me in the future when I need to sew something up so I want to give it a crack.

What will it look like when it is finished/how will it be presented?
A slide to show you how to make one and some handy tips from my mistakes I make sewing.

Also I will have a new bag at the end.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Lions Reading task

Hi guys welcome back to the blog today I am sharing my Reading task from this week. I really enjoyed doing this task and I wanted to share it with you. This task was about a story we read called "Grandparent's Day" .  My favourite part of this task was comparing the old days at school and the new days at school. The hardest part of this part was looking through the book to find a tricky word and then write down the definition. Down below is my task so you can look at it. I hope you liked it and please comment if you did.

Grandparents’ Day
WALT- connect with a character,
  • Pose our own questions and use research skills

Task 1
How do you think Granny and Pop are feeling when they are at the school? Explain your reasoning.
They are probably feeling embarrassed themselves and for Isla because they were late. On the other hand they would be happy that they were there at least. Granny feels really stressed but Pop doesn't and tries to calm Granny down. I think Granny is also starting to feel better and excited because she thinks Pop and herself travelled the furthest for Grandparent’s Day at school.

Task 2
On page 41, Pop starts daydreaming about when he went to school. Do some research about school in New Zealand in the old days and compare it to school in 2016. Include at least 3 comparisons.

Old Days
New Days
Teachers were allowed to spank the students.
These days that is illegal.
Dip feathers in ink.
Use a pen.
Used blackboards. (most of the time)
Uses whiteboards. (most of the time)

Task 3
Find 3 new vocabulary words. Write them and their definition below.

An electrical device receiving a plug or a light bulb to make a connection.
Something that you plug into your device or into power points.
A soft sound made by a person or group of people speaking quietly or at a distance.: "his voice was little more than a murmur".