Thursday, March 31, 2016

Lions reading task.

Welcome back to the blog!
Today I will be sharing my reading task.
I amd sharing a reading task I did. We had to create a timeline and summarise some little paragraphs into one sentence. I found this task tricky but in the end I got the hang of it. Even though this task was hard I still I made this timeline on Google Drawing. I got help on this task and after that help I could do it easily.

Here is my time line :>)


Hi guys, welcome back to the blog today I am sharing my iPROUD.
We had to pick our proudest learning at the moment and had to answer some questions at the bottom here is my iPROUD of my scene description.

My Best Learning

This is my… Scene Description
I turn around and in front of my eyes I see the most magnificent, magical, mystical scene ever! A neon coloured world with water different shades of turquoise and night sky purple. In the distance you can see the horizon peeking through the hills. Pointy spikes sit on the tops of the mountains. A gust of wind hits me, I suddenly get the chills. Now the whistling wind is heading the opposite way.  The flowers feel soft and and snuggly like a blanket. Coloured skies and coloured clouds spread across the sky over me. I feel like a magical fairy. The fresh smell of flowers and the water just makes me feel like bouncing everywhere with happiness. This magnificent sight is one you will never see because it is in a secret enchanted country. This is my special paradise to myself.

I am proud of this because...
It took me a while to get green and a while to finish it so I am glad. Also I’m proud because it went green on the tracking sheet straight away.

My biggest challenge was...

Trying to pick the right vocabulary but after the vocabulary workshop I did it quite well.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Camp Omatua/Weka

Welcome back to the blog today I am going to share my camp experience.
At camp I had a blast! When we were coming from Omatua to Weka Liske and I had to go and get a tube that was washed up against a little island in the river. That night at Camp Weka we had a camp fire and cooked our deserts in it. The options were Banana splits with chocolate chips and marshmallows. The other option was chocolate muffin in a orange skin. Below is a slide about camp. At camp I built friendships. My favorite part of camp was the wire bridge and also my favourite part was EVERYTHING! The first night I stayed at Camp Omatua and the second night I stayed at Camp Weka.

After camp when we came back we had a whole week at school and on the Friday Mr Gifkins announced some of the Young Leaders for 2016. Khushi was named first. I was shaking so bad " ...The second person to get it is.."
"Please be me!" I whispered to myself
" RUBY!" Mr G announced.
"Yessss!" I said quietly.
Some of my other friends got one as well.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Quick Ten

Hello welcome back to the blog.
I am very happy because in Rimu hub we have started a basic facts session after morning tea called Quick Ten. I am in Stage 6 (Stages: 4, 5, 6, 7).
How Quick Ten works:
So every morning tea/before morning tea the teachers write up 10 maths equation on each whiteboard so we can answer them in our quick book. We only stick to one board unless the teacher thinks we are ready to move up a group. I think we have ten minutes to answer them all. Also at the end and you have finished all the answers there is also a extra for experts.
So far we have done 3 days and I have got 10/10 every time.

Here is a photo of Stage 6