Monday, November 30, 2015

Ghost Time

We have been doing these things after lunch called quick writes and we have 10 minutes to write a story. Here is my favourite one I have done.

One mysterious night I was sitting in the pool and I hear an odd noise. It keeps on calling out “ I am the ghost with the one black eye!” I was hoping it was my dad with his flashlight under his chin but no it wasn’t it was…
“Nivana time to come inside” Mum yells out.
“Okay but let me do one thing!”
“No” Mum replies. I heard someone say again I am the ghost with the one black eye and Mum heard it too. She came rushing and so did the neighbors but it was at their house and it haunted their house for years. These days I am a ghost killer so I killed it and now everything is back to normal well not really there is still and ghost in MY HOUSE?


  1. Great story cant wait for the next amazing blog post.

  2. Great story! Did you get the ghost with the one black eye from camp Kaitawa.