Wednesday, September 23, 2015

RWC Task

Kia Ora folks welcome back to the blog this week I am sharing my RWC task!
I am blogging this because I was proud of my work in this task. Last week we got given a task about the 2015 RWC. I picked to study on Argentina. The thing that inspired me was that I missed my sister and she is there at the moment so studying the country she is in makes me feel close to her. I did lots of research for this task
 I hope you enjoyed it!

RWC Starter

Task 1
Choose a country that is in the RWC. Try to pick a country that you do not know much about.
IT MUST NOT BE: New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France or England.
Write that country here: Argentina

Task 2
Find out this information about your team.
World ranking: 8th
Continent it is on: South America
Captain of the team: Augustín Creevy
Team nickname: Los Pumas
A picture of the actual uniform:  
argentina rugby uniform   Google Search.png

Task 3
Find out this information about this country
Population: 41.46 million
Picture of the flag:
argentina flag   Google Search.png
National symbol:The Sun
argentina national symbol   Google Search.png
National animal: Rufous Hornero
Google Image Result for https wikipedia commons 6 6b Flickr_ _Dario_Sanches_ _JO C3 83O DE BARRO_ Furnarius_rufus _ 3 .jpg.png
National food: Asado (Argentine barbecue)
argentina food   Google Search.png
Capital city of the country: Buenos Aires (This is where my sister is!)
A map of the country: argentina map   Google Search.png

I hope you liked it. Please comment if you did, or if you have any questions!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Stem-and-Leaf Graph

Recently in class for my maths tasks we have been learning to make a stem and leaf graph. This task is a stem and leaf graph and we had to answer the questions to do with the graph. I liked it when we had to pair up with a buddy because I was a helpful buddy to Mya and she was a good buddy to me.
WALT Interpret Data (data in stem-and-leaf graphs)
The students in Room 2 measured their heights in centimetres.
Here are their results.
Height of Students in Room 2

How many students are in Room 2? 15
Which of these intervals has the most students in it?
120-129 cm 2
130-139 cm 4
140-149 cm 6
150-159 cm 1
The students stood in a line from the shortest to the tallest.
What is the height of the person standing 5th in the line? 132 cm
What is the height of the person standing in the middle of the line? 141cm

Monday, September 7, 2015

Art Exhibition

Hello everybody, welcome back to the blog this week I am sharing my art for the Art Exhibition. This art relates to me because when we were in Australia I went to Sea World and I watched the dolphin show also it relates because I got pick out of the crowd at Sea World to feed a dolphin.
When I was imagining what I wanted my art to look like I was thinking just a dolphin with a white background but then I added the black to make it stand out. Then I put the glitter on so it had a little touch to it. Next I drew some water slashes to it was like water and Mr Moriarty had a great idea to add scrap blue paper to make it look like it was jumping out of the water. Miss Plimmer helped me paint the dolphin again so there was no white spots and make sure all of it was the same colour except the bottom of the dolphin because dolphins are not all the same colour. 
This is a word art about my art.

If you would like to see this close up and in person come to Parkvale School's Art Exhibition in Week 9.