Monday, August 31, 2015

Brooke Fraser

Welcome back to the blog this week I will be talking about my reading responses! I have worked hard on them and sometimes got stuck on them! I have been learning about Brooke Fraser. I hope you like them if you did please leave a comment. I have also added my report.
Word cloud made on Tagul
Reading Response 1.

Your name: Ruby

Who have you picked for your artist?
Brooke Fraser

Why did you pick this artist (explain your reasons well)?
I picked Brooke because I love her music. Also I picked her because my mum, sisters and I love her. I have been a big fan of her since I was little. I grew up listening to my sisters and mum singing her songs. The main reason I picked her because she is my favourite New Zealander artist!

Include a picture of your artist

Include 4 facts you have learned about your artist from your first reading
1. Her Dad was an All Black.
2. Her real name is Brooke Gabrielle Fraser Ligertwood.
3. Brooke is the eldest of 3 children.
4. She asked her fans to pay $27 for her 27th B-DAY and was aiming for $50,000 but got over $54,000 for world vision.

Reading Response 2

For your report or biography, there are probably some pieces of information missing.

Write down 5 questions to research, find the information and write it in the table next to it.

Example: At what age did Brooke Fraser’s first song become #1?
What is Brooke’s latest song?
What church does she attend at?
Hillsong Church Aus
What is Brooke’s husband’s name?
Scott Ligertwood
How many songs has she written?
At what age did Brooke start singing songs?

Report Success Criteria
  • Structured well (paragraphs and subheadings)
  • Vocabulary (best words and lots of topic words)
  • Sentences (variety of different sentence starters)
  • No personal pronouns
  • Detail (added in lots of true information)
  • Punctuation (helps the reader)
  • Your own goal (My writing goal: I carefully select content that is relevant and includes details/comments to support the main points, and are increasing more complex)

Who it is and why are they famous…
Brooke Gabrielle Fraser Ligertwood is a successful kiwi singer/songwriter from NZ! Her singing and herself are very popular pretty much around the world and especially in New Zealand! Brooke Fraser has a great voice and is also very popular in Australia!

Early Life…
Fraser was born on the 15th of December 1983 to a former All Black, Bernie Fraser. She was born in Wellington NZ. Lucky Brooke, she is the eldest of three children. Brooke attended at Dyer St school, Naenae Intermediate and Naenae College. As you can see she grew up in Naenae, Lower Hutt. At age 7 Brooke started taking piano lessons and continued to take these lessons until she was 17. When she was was 12 years old she started writing songs. Teaching herself the acoustic guitar when she was 16 would have been a challenge but she completed it.

Art Fame…
Her career started off at the age of 19 when people started listening to her music out loud. Also coming along is her second hit single “Life Line”. Fraser also toured USA & Canada with her band Merry Men in 2008. Also she wrote "What to do with Daylight," one of her hit albums that lead her to the top. She also has an album Albertine. In Australia, the album Albertine charted at number twenty-nine in its first week on 9 April and has achieved Gold sales status. Fraser has four albums the names are What to do with daylight, Albertine, Flags and Brutal Romantic.

Other successes and awards…
She won the NZ Kiwi Artist award for her hit single "Something in the water". Also Fraser wrote for the Soul Purpose Magazine at the age of 15. Successfully she has sponsored 11 children and still does. Amazingly she is a amazing singer at Hillsong and is part of the music group there named Hillsong United!
Brooke Fraser has stunned New Zealand with her amazing songs and hits. Her career is an amazing start to her music life.

Report written by: Ruby van Maanen

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Miro Maths Task

Hello fellow friends,
welcome back to the blog. This week I am talking about my maths task. 
Last week for maths we had to answer the statements/questions to do with the stem and leaf graph in the maths book. It was pretty challenging but I did it pretty well. Since I was working well and getting lots of the answers right and was ahead of some people I helped Mya. We also had to make a stem and leaf graph of our own. The maths task was all to do with Television Times. Scroll down to see my maths.
Here is a word art that says math I hope you like it!
This week for maths we were using the Level 3 Statistics Revised Edition and answering the questions. Down below is the photo.

WALT create a stem and leaf graph about Miro and Van Gogh’s time watching tv!IMG_0756.JPG
I hope you liked it please leave a comment if you did! 
Thank you, 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lorde Report

Hello everybody I'm back! Also if you have not been on my blog yet have a good look and hopefully you enjoy it.So during the last few weeks we have had some literacy groups about New Zealander artists! The choice was Jeff Thompson (does art), Lorde (singer) and Jamie Curry (actress).
The purpose of it was to inform.
This is Lorde
Here is a word art I made on Tagul. (click here to make one (press sign in))
Lorde Report

My writing goal: I carefully select content that is relevant and includes details/comments to support the main points, and are increasing more complex!

Who is she…
Lorde is a music sensation with a luxuriously deep voice. Her song ‘Royals’ hit number on the NO.1 on the US billboard. She was born on the 7.11.1996 in Takapuna and was named Ella Marja Lani Yelich-O’Connor after Vic O’Connor her Dad and Sonja Yelich. Ella has 3 siblings Jerry (sister), India (sister) and Angelo (brother).

Early life…
When Ella was 5 she started doing drama and loved it. She also did public speaking and that’s how she gained some confidence. Lorde loved (and probably still does) reading Fiction (not real) books. Her mother encouraged her to read a great range of books and there was no books she was not allowed to read! She has gone to Vauxhall Primary in Devonport and also went to Belmont Intermediate.

Rise to fame…
Louis McDonald (Lorde’s friend) and Ella entered in the school ‘Talent Quest’. Ella and Louis ended up winning! Since she was so good Universal Music Group took her to have two music lessons every week. Ella had released her first song for free, ‘Royals’, and the Universal Music Group thought no one was going to get it but thousands of people did. Lorde is very humble. For example she gave lunch to kids who go to school without lunch. Her music was loved by millions of fans and her music even went on the radio.

International fame (awards, achievements)...
At the age of 17 Lorde became a world sensation. Lorde has also won two grammy awards.One grammy was for song of the year, ‘Royals’, and the other one was for the best pop solo performance. She has achieved no other New Zealander has.


Lorde is planning to keep on performing and writing more songs. Ella is still in high school so she still has a long and big singing career ahead of her!

I hope you enjoyed it please comment if you did!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Art Description

I am blogging this because it was really hard actually making the art! This art was made by Rosie J, Kyra and i. It was challenging tipping the glitter and painting the PVA glue on the music note and not the paper around it.. This is the art we made.

Art By- Ruby, Rose-Mary and Kyra
On Monday we had to do a art challenge! We had to chose if we wanted to do it about Music, Drama, Dancing and visual art. The challenge bit was that if you show it to someone they should know what one you picked. We chose music because it would be the easiest piece of art to do. We had to plan it first! In the plan we chose a dark blue background because the music note was going to be dark blue too. Next we wrote what we needed so we wrote Dark blue paper x2 light blue paper x1 Gluestick x1 Purplr paper x1 and dark blue glitter.It was easy when we had to sprinkle the glitter on top and it was challenging when we were glueing the PVA!