Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Art Trail

Hello everyone hope you had a good week!
I am blogging this because we had to work as a team and my learning buddy and I worked really well together. So we got given a task to go around the school and answer the questions about the art. It was pretty easy (if you knew what the questions meant). There was letters a - p and we had to go in order. Also we got a map so we knew where the piece of art we needed to see is. Here is what we had to do after we got back in the class...

Art Trail around Parkvale School
A What is the book about on the R of the PRIDE wall?

B What birds are on the bottom of the target wall? (This is the back of the PRIDE wall).

C What letters are at South on the sun painted on the concrete?
M and N

D What is Maui wearing around his neck in the painting?
Tiki Green Stone

E How many blackbirds are there in the mural?

F What colours are the Pacific Islands design on the painting?
Orange, Brown and Black

G How has the Parkvale sign outside the school pool been created?
Carved out of wood.

H What colours are on the Rainbow Fish scales?
Red, Blue, Silver, Green and Purple

I What is the answer to the number sentence on this mural?
(2 + 2) 4

J What kind of tree is painted on the hopscotch?
Palm Tree

K What letters are green outside Room 4?

L What animal is sitting in the blue umbrella in the painting?

M How many stars are on each piece of sewing art hanging in the office?

N What bird is on the Pohutakawa Hub logo?

O What animal in on the Manuka Hub logo?

P How many flowers are on the Kowhai Hub logo?  
Sadly there is no photos of me and Nixie


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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Movie World, Sea World and Chocolate Place!

I am blogging this because it was super duper awesome at these places!
Hello everyone I hope you had great holidays! 
In the holidays I went to Movie World (Gold Coast). As we walked in I could just hear crowds of people everywhere. It felt like I was dreaming! Plus the whole place smelt really sweet because of the candy floss from the carts that had giant lines! My little sister wanted to go to the WB Kids so we went on the Road Runner roller coaster, Sylvester and Tweety Bird Cages and the Looney Tunes merry go round. I ended up going on the Batwing, Wild West Coaster and a coaster with your legs hanging. Gemma and I were also allowed to get a superhero cape. I got a superman cape and Gemma got a supergirl cape. Also we got to watch a movie (the movie was Rio). The movie was in 4d so it was 3d but you also got sprayed in the face and your chair fell backwards! 

Also in the holidays my family and I went to Sea World. We really wanted to see the dolphin show so we walked excitedly the whole way. When the show was about 10 minutes in, one of the men who was in the dolphin show came up and asked me if I wanted to feed the dolphin! I was so excited to do it and all the other kids were jealous! "That kid is so lucky I wish I was her!" said lots of kids around! I also made it do heaps of other things! The rides I went on at Sea World were the Storm and one other I can't remember. The other place I went to was a chocolate place! It had delicious creamy chocolate and they used it for hot chocolates. Also we got a plate with marshmallows, strawberries, banana and banana loaf and the homemade chocolate!
The trip was amazing and I really enjoyed it at the theme parks and the chocolate place. The theme parks are very crowded and adventurous.


Wild West Ride

Arkham Asylum

Road Runner Coaster


Merry go round

The storm

Chocolate Place!

Me feeding the dolphins!
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